The Modern State Has A New Source of Power: Its Persuasion

Attention is neither shared nor saved, it is a zero-sum game. So is mass manipulation, whether centralized or decentralized. In a democratic setup, based mainly on elections, this manipulation has no room for half-measures which can be doubted.


GRE AWA Issue Essay #14

The future of any society is its youth, so how the youth is prepared becomes very important for leadership in government, industry and other fields. For a democratic set up with well-functioning markets, the nexus between government and industry along with other fields like NGOs become an important aspect that shapes the future. But the … Continue reading GRE AWA Issue Essay #14

GRE AWA Argument Essay #12

The memo stipulates that public's lack of awareness about the movies produced by Super Screen Movie Production Company is the main reason behind why fewer people attended movies this year than any other year. So, they should increase advertising budgets next year to increase attendance. This argument rests on many assumptions and unanswered questions which … Continue reading GRE AWA Argument Essay #12

GRE AWA Argument Essay #11

The petition presented by students stipulates that the university should abandon or cut back on its breadth requirements. They argue that this will make them more attractive to employers as they will have more advanced courses in specialty. They say that breadth puts them at a serious disadvantage in competition for post-college employment. This petition … Continue reading GRE AWA Argument Essay #11

GRE AWA Issue Essay #13

"Question Authority. Only by questioning accepted wisdom can we advance our understanding of the world." Our understanding of the world is based on old wisdom passed on generation to generation, our own lived experiences and the new insights that we collect while we experience life. All these are not independent. They form a web of … Continue reading GRE AWA Issue Essay #13

GRE AWA Issue Essay #12

Corporations are entities that function to organize the economic and business aspects of society. They interact in the marketplace, undertake transactions and create value. However, they do not function outside the real of society and hence, have an important role to play therein. Their business expertise give them an important stake in the general welfare … Continue reading GRE AWA Issue Essay #12

GRE AWA Argument Essay #10

The memo stipulates implementing reduction in old stock and closing stores early in all stores of Movies Galore in order to arrest the decline in profits and to increase profits without jeopardizing the reputation of providing good movies at low prices. The reasoning is based on the result that the owner thinks has proven effective … Continue reading GRE AWA Argument Essay #10