A Friend Request

A new election had turned the country’s pluralism upside down. Suddenly, immigrants were depicted as the cause of every malaise that plagued his country. His brown skin made it difficult for him to camouflage himself. Although his accent had assimilated with those of his friends, his body still spoke loudly of where he might have come from. What befuddled him even further was that he didn’t remember living in any other place than this beautiful city, the city of his childhood. He thought deeply of any memories of any other place that he could think of and his mind came up with nothing.


GRE AWA Issue Essay #1

The best way to solve environmental problems caused by consumer-generated waste is for towns and cities to impose strict limits on the amount of trash they will accept from each household. Some towns and cities are limiting the amount of trash they will accept from each household because they think it is the best way to … Continue reading GRE AWA Issue Essay #1

Non-anonymous Confessions

Until the numbness creeps in again. Until I feel confused again. Until I want put on my earphones. Until I become someone I don't always recognize, someone who I find despicable, someone I never hope to identify with, someone I have come to identify with. Someone standing in the mirror looking at me.

freshly in her grave

there is no blood in her veins there is no ice in her veins only this didn’t need to be She is lying freshly in her grave

At so young an age!

Are we so careless cogs in a machine? So cynical about our ability as to tolerate, So disbelieving of our desires as to limp, At so young an age! Are we so accepting of our plight? So apologetic of the status quo as to stand by, So devoted to the sickness as to propagate, At … Continue reading At so young an age!

The question

How do we live? How do we die? Perhaps, that is not the question. How do we live while we die? How do we die while we live? Perhaps, that is the question.

Unsent Messages

Who is say the message was unsent? If it fed a server on some distant farmland, Who is to say those thoughts were unresolved? If they were resolved neatly on an algorithm.