Life isn’t about having all the answers,
Or “getting it right”;
Life is about living.

Life is about closing your eyes,
And immersing yourself,
In the sounds around you.

It’s about learning to dance in the rain,
Kicking off your shoes;
And feeling mud squelch between your toes.

Life is about being present,
In every moment;
And experiencing it to the full.

When you learn to live this way,
You realize that your life is more complete,
Than you ever imagined.

Get in the habit of getting up each morning,
Grateful for the life that you have —
Your body, your mind, your ever-searching spirit.

Give thanks for the roof above you,
The pillow beneath you;
And all the loving souls you share this world with.

Just waking up each day,
Is a miracle in itself.


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