Hi Friends, Aditi nominated me for Bloggers Marathon. A big cheers to Aditi! Thanks for introducing me to this.

This challenge is a cool idea where the nominee shall publish one or more post(s) every day for a week. There is no restriction on the number of words or the topic that you want to write on. The only rule is to nominate fellow bloggers. So, here they are: Dhwani, Ajay, Zigyasa, AakashMahima

This is my first blog for the challenge :

A skinny five year old kid almost scratched himself up against the bloody wall holding a dusty book of English alphabets in his fragile hands, his eyes blood red with horror at the sight of a camera lens pointing at him as if he was about to be executed. His classmates scrambled to shelter their delicate selves under the easily penetrable wooden desks in a classroom.

They had been freed from the control of African militants a week ago.

It was all muscle-memory. It was a ‘unique’ way of life, or even worse – the lack of it.


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