Have you ever been woken up
By the chirping of a cuckoo
While you sigh in your sheets?


Have you ever watched at the sun
Come out of the horizon
As the lazy dawn dies?


Have you ever noticed the dew
Dazzle the leaves of a flower
While it turns into vapor?


Have you ever felt your feet
Wet over green grass
As you walk in your garden?


Have you ever noticed the butterfly
Flutter it’s colourful wings
Sitting on the petals of a hibiscus?


Have you ever observed the clouds
Change the color of their cotton
As the earth wakes up?


Have you ever seen a bee drink nectar
From the core of a sunflower
While it is hypnotised by the sun?


Have you ever heard the sea
Calmly clutter at the shore
As you the sand segregate?


Have you felt the full force
Of a mysterious morning 
Drive you to your peak potential?



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