Airports see more sincere kisses than wedding halls
And the walls of hospitals hear more prayers than the walls of churches.


47 thoughts on “The Truth Is… (Bloggers Marathon #6 )

          1. You are. I am reading your posts and I’m enjoying them tremendously. If I didn’t have to work in a few hours and attempt sleep now, I’d read more. There will be something for me to look forward to tomorrow. Again, thank you for sharing the words. Sometimes it’s how you put the words together and you did that.

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                1. I am certainly not. You share your life with us which is uncommon. Especially to me sitting in my home in a village in India. It is glimpse to what life is like in the US.

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                    1. I attended a wedding in January and it was my first since I’ve lived pretty much away from home. I have seen from a distance but to be there, I was just fascinated to see the spectacular madness of the people.

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                    2. Awesome! His friend, Anil’s family was from the north as well. They mostly live in Canada now. Such a great family. Great cooks too. They are pretty much all doctors in the family, of course.

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                    3. I find economics much more fascinating. I had no idea about it before I got admitted to college. I’ll complete my undergraduate studies and do masters in economics. I want to get into public policy

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                    4. That’s wonderful! You are very lucky then. I am reading your post about meeting relatives you never met before. Sounds like fun. Not! After this, I must get some sleep. I work at 8 AM which is a mere 6.75 hours away. I’ve enjoyed so much talking to you and look forward to doing this again very soon!!!


                    5. I know! I have another couple of people that I talk to in that part of the world. I just happen to be a night owl and working tomorrow I’ll be up tomorrow night though.


                    6. My parents came here in 1955 and 1960 so they lived in a very different Ireland than that of today. My parents world was an Ireland that was nearly a 3rd world country.


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