Look through a transparent glass, say the glass buildings now a days, or the window of your car etc.

It gives ultimate clarity if light on both sides is equal.

If there is some contrast, you’ll always find yourself in either of these situations:

A.) If the light is dimmer on the other side, you’ll see only your reflection. Don’t neglect the other side. It doesn’t mean there aren’t people there.

B.) If the light is brighter on the other side, you’ll see what’s going on there. Don’t feel envious or sad. Get motivated!


Which side you find yourself on isn’t permanent.
It’s dark only until it’s not!
It’s bright only until it’s not!


41 thoughts on “Glass..

  1. Trying to think if the metaphysical implications … if where I am is light then that implies that I am in a better state those others. Perhaps then I am obliged to help them. If I am only seeing myself as a reflection then this indicated that I am in a better place. Seeing only myself indicates selfishness. When I am being selfish then this is an excessive attention to the self and so I need to balance that out by being nicer to other people. Selfishness is only possible when I am in a better place – when I have more light on my side. When I seem more important than others I need to help others. Hmm.
    Thanks, NΓ­cia, this is important food for thought – what made you come up with this? πŸ™‚

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