I’m sure you’ve seen a circus,
In reality or on television.
Even so, I’ll tell an exotic hubris
Of a great political competition.

A year ago, a motley troop arrived
The White House up for grabs, free for all
Two parties, myriad candidates dived
For the nomination next fall.


Popping like Pringles, non-stop
Groping millionaires, cheesing delegates
Barely vomiting beacons and pizzas drop
Feels like an iron fall from grace.

Web webbed, Christie unbalanced
Creepy Carson, Huckabee hacked
Carly clipped, Rand roasted
Marco murdered, Bush busted.


Old Sanders still screams loud & swift
Clinton clawed by email scandal
Sure of a victory, she went adrift
Trying to evade the nasty tackle.

Amidst this storm, a dark night rose
A mad elephant, sweeping stampede
Cacophony, crossfire, a deadly dose
Misogyny, insults, uneducated rants rapid.


Blind racism, bigotry and fanaticism
No nuisance, hollow debates on CNN
So, that’s the new circus called US politics
Let’s see which clown the nation picks.


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