Between what you see
And what you hear,
Is life,
A truth –
You can only hope
To escape.

Eyes and ears are our most explicit sense organs, in that, what they sense is, often, very material and can be accurately described. We generally take stock of our problems with the help of our senses and act according to our impulses.

Even so, it is not always the case. There are times when we struggle to comprehend what we see or what we here, or more generically – what life throws at us. Our senses betray us, our inhibitions restrain us, life seems inescapable.

At those moments, when the bio-physical functioning of our neuro-circuitry seems to become lucid and suspended, when our faith in ourselves begins to dissolve, when the delicate interface between hope and despair can be pierced in an instant. That’s when our true mettle is tested. That’s when life happens.


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