240 years ago US was born,
Gender differences still torn
96 years ago women began to vote
Still, on a separate boat.

Eight years ago, it came close
But glorious poetry turned prose
18 million cracks hit the glass
A woman became darling of the mass.

Trashing misogyny, online thorns
With surging Sanders, she locked horns
Epitome of perseverance and grit
Clinton dealt with all the shit.


In bright strokes, history will smile
For a women travelled a million mile.
Societal dreams and expectations high
A Trump roars, his orange face dry.

3 decades in public life – First Lady
Senator and Secretary of State.
Even opponents reluctantly agree
She’s thrust open a ‘dream’ gate.

For mothers, for daughters
For sons and for fathers
A golden moment to loudly roar
With energy and passion of blind hope.

Little girls in bed, dreaming
For first time without any limit
A historic transformation brewing
Will Hillary trump Republicans to be a hit?


12 thoughts on “The First ‘Lady’

  1. When the whole world has had Women Presidents, Prime Ministers, Chief Ministers and have created history; no matter how they have ruled, it is surprising America has not had one yet.
    I keep thinking on that.
    Good post.
    Thums Up! Nikhil!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeese let her get the presidency ……she deserves it …..she’ll have to continue taking shit too ….probably worse but she seems like someone who can handle it ………..the opposition is just too scary to contemplate …….oh ….and great poem:)

    Liked by 1 person

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