‘Twenty minutes of action’, that’s how the father of a sexual offender in the Stanford Sexual Assault case described his son’s actions.

A mountain of evidence and still, the rapist was ‘awarded’ only tiny 6 months of prison sentence. He never accepted responsibility for the assault. His six-month sentence could be reduced to three for good behavior.

The survivor, in her testimony, wrote a powerful letter.

The Vice President of the US also penned an open letter expressing outrage over the judgement.

You can find the Stanford Sexual Assault case here.


32 thoughts on “Twenty Minutes of Action

  1. Wacked. Was furious just listening to the father talk. 6 months in prison with a primarily black and hispanic population, rape is rampant (googled it) HIV and AIDS is prevalent through prison populations … he may be getting a death sentence inadvertantly. Walking funny for sure. He just may be reaping what he has sown.

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        1. Its sick. Moral of the story, dont break the law lol. One of my sisters worked in a prison as a nurse. She was constantly telling me stories about it. The guards dont care and look the other wayπŸ˜·πŸ‘ŽπŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š

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  2. This is so disturbing. I’m shocked at every level, the sentence, the crime, the dad’s reaction. Sex crimes do not last 20 minutes for the victim, and if he did this when nobody was looking what else has he done or would have done if not interrupted?
    As a woman, a parent, a person this is not okay by me. This is disgusting. This is outrageous. This is disturbing.

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  3. Unbelievable and heartbreaking to think that such a violent crime against a woman could receive a mere 6 month sentence. What does that say about the importance of women in our society? Small wonder that there are so many women out there who can not receive the help that they need. And what message does it send other rape victims? A rape victim must find the strength and courage to confront her rapist and endure the mental torture of a trial, only to have the offender sentenced for half a year, then he’s back out again.

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  4. Rape is horrible for men, women, any age. The laws have needed to change for years. And I do not think it is funny people getting raped in prison either. Everyone that goes into jail/prison is not a rapist, some are there on petty drug offenses which many stupid kids can get. Doesn’t mean they should be raped. We can’t be offended at the horror of rape and sexual assault if laughing about it within a certain population. We should be horrified at the prevalence of rape and the little regard the law has for the consequences such as in this example. It is disturbing!

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