I read this blog on Medium a few days ago and found it interesting –

I set about to write an epic story about love, loss, rejection and eventual redemption, but it was not as easy as it had all seemed in my head. Here are the different stages I went through in the process of writing the novel-

1. Doubt: Is writing really my thing? I mean sure, I love reading and have read a lot of books, but does that really qualify me as an expert in writing one? That sort of analogy is like claiming to be an excellent doctor just because I watch a lot of House MD. Come to think of it, I might be an excellent doctor. My parents are doctors and my brother too!

2. Inspiration: Wow! What a brilliant book he wrote! And he’s only 19! Can I also do it? He said he was inspired by his favorite authors as a teen to take up writing. That doesn’t sound so different from me. Maybe I can do it too!

Read more here @avikT https://medium.com/the-coffeelicious/the-different-stages-of-deciding-to-write-a-novel-9d856d3409bb


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