A young Infosys employee, Swathi in Chennai was hacked to death by Ramakumar, a stalker (earlier a neighbour) while she was waiting at a local railway station to catch a train to work. At a press conference, Chennai Police Commissioner said that the stalker was infatuated with her. He likely committed the murder when he realised his feelings were not reciprocated by Swathi. Her family said he had been stalking her for months.

This incident brings to fore, once again, the deeply conceived social prejudices that inflicts acrosss the spectrum of Indian culture. It has sparked an intense, yet only a nervous murmured discussions. Most of the TV debates and press reporting that has followed is focused mainly on law enforcement issues.

But is it one? I don’t think so. Courts can act only after crime has been committed. Police presence and public surveillance isn’t possible in every place in such a densely populated country. People at the station could have come to the rescue. But they didn’t!

Was there no ‘human’ strong enough left or was it just another regular event at a busy place? Why have women increasingly become the targets of criminals? I think that the very foundation of this menace is societal. Our culture, politics, religion and family life promotes a very solidly thin-sheeted misogyny that dwells deep into our mental fabric. That is where the problem stems from.

Conversations and relationships between opposite gender is very crucial in this, whether in public (a coffee shop, trains etc) or the privacy of our homes. Often times, they are immature, skewed and contracted to an acute social stigma. Movies and television passively demean women abundantly, as a object of consumption, of entertainment. Political discourse is no different (e.g. boys will be boys). In most religion, unfortunately, women do not find a very prominent place. In history  wars and conflicts have been fought over the ‘ownership’ of women.

A casual conversation between strangers can be misconstrued as something it is not. A brother and a sister chatting in a cafe is viewed as a romantic relationship without the ‘judge’ having the slightest of information. And even when it is a romantic couple on a date, people brood at their table as if they are about to set off a bomb.

So, most of the time men and women do not know how to ‘relate’ to one another, given these stereotypes. Movies show actors persistently pursuing actresses even after denials, they fall in love in a gentle brush on a train etc. These things unintentionally get inculcated into our mindset and people behave accordingly when he should be mature enough to realise the fallacy of it. Most inter-gender relations in popular culture are portrayed as either romantic or sexual. It is NOT so.

This is common also on college campuses. A very skewed female population also doubles down on the deep-seated stereotypes, even amplifying them in many cases.

Boys see gender inequality right from their childhood. Their mothers and aunts cleaning up their ‘mess’, cooking food, washing clothes, even violently abused in many cases. They are passively taught that girls are subservient to them. Accepting a rejection is something they are never taught. Simultaneously, they see their female relatives regularly derided. When family life is so ill-conducive to a gender equality, how then do we expect the results to be any better?

Still I fail to understand why this has become so ubiquitous the world over.


15 thoughts on “Murderous Inequality

  1. It is so true! These days, all of us have become so immune to the happenings around us that mostly we escape such situations by saying “Lets not get in to it”. At the same time, I think we cant really blame the human specie in entirety because the system (political, legal, administration) has such weird procedure and laws that they provoke us to stay away from them. Its like a vicious circle! And you are right, “human” factor is missing in us today, for sure!

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      1. I accept that there is gender inequality. But as in all cases there is different side of the story.

        “Movies and television passively demean women abundantly, as a object of consumption, of entertainment.”

        This is false, if not false it is half baked truth. First give me an example of such movies and shows, also there are movies that demonise boys as bad and sexist(That couldnt be further from truth).

        “Boys see gender inequality right from their childhood. Their mothers and aunts cleaning up their ‘mess’, cooking food, washing clothes, even violently abused in many cases. They are passively taught that girls are subservient to them.”

        Yes my mother is housewife and me and my father help her in daily work(Not much but we do help). No one in my house have ever teached me that girls are subservient to me. logically speaking no child can learn that because they are more close to their mothers that their fathers.

        As for violence, it is an human phenomenon and it is not common to woman. Yes it is bad but men are more subject to violence that women.

        Lastly every side has its own story,
        “Villain is the hero of other side” – George RR Martin.

        No one talks about rape of men, and do not say that it is hox, I have suffred that pain. No one talks about fathers who are falsely accused and even when not proven of any guild, those boys will be treated like trash for rest of their life.

        I know that you will not understand this stuff, and debating on internet is as time wasting as day dreaming.

        Let me ask you a Q, If woman want equality then let them guard out border, Let them work on mines, Let them clean sewers. These works have been done always by men then why not woman are trying to become equal in this filds. In army they are not foot soldier they are just there to show that indian army has womans. When you give womans in pareade in RajPath in equal share then i want to see what did they did to proctet me and my family and my mother India. We do not need ornaments to protect our nation.

        Thats all. And there is no bad in cooking, Some woman want to be housewifes and people like you shit on their dreams.

        Now thats all. And enough of this flamewar i am truly tired today and not in good mood. Sorry if i have hurt you feelings, goodnight.


  2. There are utterly disgusting theories about allowing crimes to happen being a kinda ‘population-growth-control’ in disguise.

    Each avoidable tragedy leaves people who mourn, people who suffered, and people who will never see the recompense needed to forgive & live-on in a capitalist system.

    This planet already had enough proof about ‘God’ being a whimsical tyrant, or worshiped delusion, when the 3rd Reich was forced to stop. Still a majority of us humans likes giving in to every ignorant whim and every insane impulse, so it won’t be solved that soon.

    When a Law starts to care more about the culprit than about the victim, then that ‘Law’ has become an accomplice, a partner in crime!


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