It is a wrong statement to say ‘Hello, it’s me.’

Yet, we say so very often.

Hello, it is I’ – is correct.


21 thoughts on “Hello, it’s me.

  1. There is always a difference between the proper use of a language, and the common vernacular. And this is something that makes learning new languages difficult at times. For instance, when I first learned Spanish everyone told me that I spoke like a proper Government Official from Spain. This was because, this is what the books taught me was correct. However, the more I spoke with native Spanish speakers, the more my vocabulary evolved into the common vernacular with grammar, phrasing, and such that is used in every day life.

    We may know what the correct way to use our language is, and do so on paper “when it counts”. But speaking casually day to day – WE AIN’T GONNA WORRY BOUT THAT STUFF! haha 🙂

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