sub-buzz-1759-1468242690-1sub-buzz-31338-1468238968-1‘I hate people with charisma, and self-confidence, and their lack of social anxiety. The kind of people who enter the room and boom their greetings. And then go up to people and start conversations. Who does that?’

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15 thoughts on “To Introverts

  1. As an extrovert this a lovely and significant poem. Everything she says speaks to me.

    As a neophyte writer who has attended several writers conferences. I have noticed how extroverted I am and how many writers are introverted.

    But, for all of my introverted writers step aside, because the more I write, I become comfortable with the thoughts in my mind and the extroverts are becoming an annoying bunch of SOB. 🙂


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    This blog post captured my attention because as an extrovert, I recognized many introverted people at several of the writers conferences I have attended.

    It was easy for us extroverted personalities to stand-out, greet one another without any nervousness and work a room like a politician.

    As a neophyte writer, I can see my character becoming more introverted needing only the occasional human contact usually in the form of a podcast. 🙂


  3. Being an introvert myself, I felt every word of her relatable and true. I recently had a bad day at college, where a faculty threatened me with attendance for when I was unable to speak out loud standing at the centre , it’s sickening how he wouldn’t accept my written submission and would go outta way humiliating me indirectly , making me feel sorry for my introversion. 💭😔

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    1. Thanks for reading my post Monica.
      I find it common in my college too.

      I think there is a tendency among some profs. to make up for the humiliation they face at the hands of a few by bullying the quiet ones.

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