I just checked my personality type. It was fun answering psychological questions to get to know myself. Here are the results.

Check your personality type here. It will need 10-15 minutes since you have to answer 15 questions.



14 thoughts on “Check Your Personality Type!

  1. I got INTJ-T (The Architect)

    (Mind) 75% Introverted, 25% Extroverted
    (Energy) 51% Intuitive, 49% Observant
    (Nature) 69% Thinking, 31% Feeling
    (Tactics) 58% Judging, 42% Prospecting
    (Identity) 57% Turbulent, 43% Assertive

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  2. They are fun! Ive taken 3 for job placement and each one turns out E.N.F.J. caregiver I think. Ive got a daughter who is I.N.F.J. and my younger daughter is an E.N.F.P … its a mixed bag 😃

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