I subscribed to a newspaper about fifteen days ago. I do not get the time to read them early morning (because I wake up just in time to go for my lectures). So, I read them at night. There are stories – of people, of nature, of discoveries, of art and everything therein.

The feeling of that large coarse raw set of papers inked with words had been missing for more than a year. I mean, I read books and magazines but aren’t books a little sophisticated? Maybe not. But I tend to think so.

Isn’t it an incredible art to publish a newspaper?

What do you think?


6 thoughts on “Art In The Pages

  1. Hi – I feel this way when we visit somewhere – because in vacation is when I end up reading newspaper / and so I agree about the art and artsy stuff – some newspapers have a feature magazine too –
    In the 90s my spouse stopped reading the daily paper because he wanted a better use of his time – he found that the light reading was not the best – this was long before good digital news feeds – anyhow – I think all people have to assess how they spend their time and the news has current news and all that art u note – and ads! But it feels too much for me all the time –

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