As Mediterranean waves evaded a violent shore,

A frail face lay in peace, at the confluence of war.

Birds swam seeking refuge in boatloads,

A few sank, like an island full of toads.


Terror, tears, shock, and blank concern,

How did the world allow its people to burn?

Passionate vows, pious pleas overflew worldwide,

An audacious hope of morality bona fide.

Sadly, that was not to be!

Time, forgetfulness – proved a great healer.

 Haunting face sitting in an ambulance

Three-year-old eyes, dusty and bloodshot with innocence.

Shock, cry, surprise, alarm –  a bit too far,

Unnerving calm and silence – fury and chaos of war.


 The world’s conscience still ceases to be troubled,

All the piety did not move the world.

No change, no action – not a trace,

If only this had been a rare face.


13 thoughts on “If Only This Had Been A Rare Face

  1. It’s beyond heartbreaking …feel soooo helpless ….the bombing just needs to STOP …sooner or later there HAS to be some sort of dialogue …this is CRAZY … I understand there are more people living in the camps on the Syrian border than there are in Syria itself …they are HUGE camps like cities in themselves and many folk have been there YEARS …as for Gallepo? … is TRULY devastation AND devastating


  2. beautiful and poignant. This photo is indeed heart-rending…and iconic. Thank God that this 5-year-old’s family survived the destruction. Perhaps he will grow up to make a difference in the world….excellent poem!

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