I always wanted to talk to you,

Not the incessant messages on Facebook –

But in person, face to face. Just talk.

It has become this obsession of mine.

I want to tell you how my day was,

I want to brag about my little achievements,

I want to talk about my struggles,

I want to learn how our day was,

I want to know how you face your challenges,

I want to hear your jokes and smile.

There is so much to talk about.

But why does it seem so hard?

Why do I feel so anxious every time,

Every time I come close to speaking,

I find my mouth getting dry –

And words just vaporise!

I feel defensive –

As if I would become vulnerable if I ever speak.

Yet, I want to be a little vulnerable,

If only it is with you.

And when I fail at all this,

I end up feeling selfish –

Selfish that I deprived you,

And me of a good friendship –

A friendship we never had.

I wonder if we will ever have something alike?



7 thoughts on “Everything I never told you

  1. Its a great piece (Y)
    But you know what! even if you happen to get past that hesitation and anxiety, there is no end. In fact, there starts the journey which may turn into a beautiful friendship; which may turn into a something you would never have imagined.
    This poem was written on a day when mine turned into something i never thought. It changed me completely.

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