Here are a few –

  • On Bullshit 
  • My life in and out of the Rough : The Truth About All The Bullshit You Think You Know About Me
  • 100 Bullshit Jobs….and How to Get Them
  • The Dictionary of Bullshit 
  • the Dictionary of Corporate Bullshit 
  • Bullshit Artist : the 9/11 Leadership Myth 
  • Bullets, Badges and Bullshit 
  • Another Bullshit in Suckley City
  • The Business of Bullshit
  • The Dictionary of Business Bullshit 
  • Your Call Is Important to Us : The Truth About Bullshit 
  • Hello, Lied the Agent : And Other Bullshit You Hear as a Hollywood TV Writer

This is in no any particular order. I apologise to all those ‘bullshit books’ that could not find mention here. 

There is limited to Bullshit, I guess!

Source: When To Rob A Bank, Penguin UK


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