A moment, stretched too short,

Held by the strings of the setting sun.

Staring at a silhouette, familiar not;

I looked at the horizon.

“What brings you here?”, she asked

“The sun still emanating from the sky”,

“I had a son too, as old as you”, she sighed,

“Did  you say ‘had’?” I wished to clarify.

“He was funny and handsome,

Sometimes, a little troublesome.”

“How did he die?”

“Suicide”, she started to cry.

Worried, I tried to calm her,

“I am just fine”, she said.

Her voiced had quite a stir,

Tears, she tried not to shed.

“Will you walk  with me?”

I was happy to oblige.

“How about you?” she chirped,

And looked directly into my eyes.

“I tried it once”, I began,

“What?” she seemed confused.

“But it didn’t go according to plan”

“Oh dear, you are lucky!”

“Why?” she inquired,

“I was a lonely man”,

“Not anymore”

“I hope not, for sure!”

Soon it was just a horizon

Without any light.

Soon it was pretty dark

But just not quite…



4 thoughts on “A Horizon Without Light

  1. Beautiful, heartbreaking poem that made me cry ….the ending was best tho ….’soon it was just a horizon without any light ….but not quite’
    And there are many …MANY of us feeling that just now …. it’s ‘ not quite’ a horizon without any light ….we WILL keep pushing foreward ….there’s too many of us NOT to 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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