Suppose we were all points in this complex infinite dimensional plane. The relationship between two persons would be described by a straight line. All interconnected relationships would lie on a common plane. Now, think about the dimensions of this plane. 2-D, 3-D, 4-D…?

In the frame of one point, there could certainly be a limited number realistic line segments. But as we zoom out of the picture and take a holistic view from a detached frame of reference, the certain becomes ever so uncertain, ever so ambiguous. We fail to identify the lines. We fail to locate ourselves.

The perils of our attachment seems to give a false perception that we can determine our trajectory, the line segments we wish to follow, the milestone we wish to accomplish in the process. And hence we find it hard to reconcile to our limitations that our attachment underwrites, that we are ultimately in a labyrinth of points that would still be there even if a few points were to become non-existent.

I am no shining student in my supposed field of engineering, i.e. metallurgy but I have come to know this much after five semesters in college – metals rust. Impure ones, most definitely do. And pure once most certainly do not exist. Only the shiny ones exist. But the shine does not not last infinitely. It requires polishing.

We are in many ways like the metals, only we brush ourselves – to wear a polished look every time the dullness wears over our lustre. We do this with a innocent childish indulgence in our shine, our worth –  a pursuit that wears us thin – while a lot of rust shakes off wearing us thin in the process. We cherish our futility without realising.

The more we try to disentangle ourselves out of the labyrinth, the more we collapse into its mystery. The more we try to outshine our lustre, we wear ourselves of our own selves. It is, I think, our ultimate individual failure to strive to embody an ultimate success, lest we tempt ourselves to accomplish that success collectively.


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