After a long day, as I walked down the streets, I can feel the shrillness of a cold wind, the raw smell of dust and smoke, and the fragrance emanating from a few eateries that pass by me. There are dull leaves scattered on the pathway, which must have withered through the day, that I tread on lightly as if trying not to crush them knowing fully well how futile even the thought of it is.

I turn at an intersection, my hands tucked inside my jeans pockets for some semblance of insulation. I can still feel the cold breeze at my surface. I can feel myself walking forward, I do not see where. For a moment, I forgot where I was coming from. But I can still feel my steps treading forward as I reach another turn. 

Now, I am confused where to go. And the chill it sends to my bones is overwhelming. 


6 thoughts on “Wondering Who I Am!

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