Hi, I am Nikhil. Thanks for finding time to visit my blog. My identity card will tell you that I am a third year engineering undergraduate. Well, it’s just one of those labels that I don’t really care about.

I’d prefer to be thought of as much more because as I have come to realise, engineering isn’t really my thing. I love economics, politics, philosophy and literature. Romantic literature to be precise. I am a hopeless romantic!

I am not really outspoken, an introvert, love to observe people. They amaze me. A barrage of thoughts flush into my brain when I am surrounded by people. They excite me invisibly. It’s really overwhelming. Although, sometimes it feels numb when I find myself isolated from them.

I love reading. Words amaze me, especially the magic of unique phrases and figure of speech, the use of irony and metaphors. Oh! I hope I am not boring you. I read books, from almost all genres.

Here, you’ll find posts that portray my thoughts, my crude poetry, a few quotes from here and there & some of my own, reviews of books I read and excerpts of a romantic fiction I am trying to write.

Again, thanks for coming to my place. I’d love to visit yours. Leave your comments if you have any.


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